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Meeting objectives


This event for the first time brings together personnel from science, medicine and industry providing an ideal opportunity to reach a unique and receptive inquisitive audience eager to advance their knowledge in this field. 

The International Skin Scarring and Keloid Symposium (ISSAKS), New York represents an excellent occasion for sponsors and exhibitors in the field of skin scarring and keloid area to network with international clinical and scientific experts.

The prestigious New York Academy of Medicine ( is an brilliant space for sponsors and exhibitors to establish an exchange with a multidisciplinary community that shares a common philosophy.

We welcome a range of industry exhibitors who will have direct access to all Symposium participants, thanks to the integrated design of the exhibition area and catering facility together at the main conference hall.

Interested in getting involved? 

If you would like to be involved in ISSAKS 2017, please email us at or alternatively simply click below.